Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Different businesses have very different needs when it comes to backup and disaster recovery. Fundamentally however, the elements of business continuity are the same: critical data, applications, and operating systems on key business systems MUST be identified, verified, tested, and retested. Backup and DR solutions vary widely among vendors and we incorporate solutions tailored to your business only after performing a thorough review and assessment. Determining Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for each system is critical in ensuring our solution minimizes operational and business impact in the event of a disaster.


Which Backup Solution is Best for You?

Today, online solutions for backup are abundant and present a viable option for many businesses, but business owners and IT experts alike have been burned by some of the more well known names in backup. We have heard many stories about customers who tried saving a little money only to find out the data they needed would take several days to restore or wasn’t even being backed up in the first place! Having a local IT expert work with you on a rock solid backup strategy is like going to your favorite mechanic to get new brakes for your car – most of us would like an expert to advise us and do the hard work – Right?

Our approach to backup – getting down to business!

Once we identify and determine with you the best backup solution for your business, we go right to work. No matter what backup option you choose, we take responsibility for the maintenance of your backups while relieving you of the worries related to your current backup system. We backup your computers and servers without the hassles of tape drives, tapes, software maintenance, checking backup logs, rotating new tape media sets, and most importantly, troubleshooting failed backup jobs. NOAH Backup solutions from Cooperative Systems are less expensive than traditional backup systems by far and can offer much more resilient backup solutions for about the same price as the much less flexible online solutions on the market today.

Much more than simple backup of data

NOAH BDR appliance based solutions are the perfect combination of continuous backup, fast recovery, and comprehensive system recovery for almost any disaster recovery scenario you may encounter.  Suitable for organizations with multiple servers and demanding recovery objectives, our hardware based solutions can reside in your server room and in the cloud to provide peace of mind for all of your data. Monitored continuously by our team of backup experts, you can be assured that your backup data is safe, secure, verified, tested and retested.


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Cooperative Systems provides Managed IT Services and IT Support, Business Technology Consulting, Cloud Computing Solutions, and Data Backup for small to medium-sized businesses throughout southern New England. Our NOAH support services are designed to free up internal IT resources, lower costs, provide timely patches and updates, improve security, and increase up time.

We believe that knowing your business is the first step in determining the right fit for a partnership. We are not experts at all things IT, we are experts at the solutions we offer and the IT services and support we provide. We have built a solid foundation of values and standards. This foundation is at the core of our recognized industry leadership standing, which we have held for over twenty years.

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